First 30 Days

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First 30 Days of Private

First 30 Days Includes:
  • What is your goal?
  • Personal macros and review
  • One-60 minute, Jump Start, one on one coaching call the first week
  • Three-30 minute one on one coaching calls, one per week for 3 weeks.
  • Total of 4 one on one coaching calls, one per week.
  • 30 days of questions via email
  • Sample meal plans and grocery lists
  • Education regarding food labels and hidden ingredients
  • Coaching you through fat adaption and changing eating habits
  • Exposing unhealthy (bad) estrogen in men and women
  • Help you stay focused on the variety of foods you can eat

First 30 days Overview

A nutritional ketogenic diet, which consists of lean meat and low carbohydrate vegetables, is a lifestyle that can benefit all areas of your health. The first 30 days are a transition for your body as it adapts from burning carbohydrates and sugar to using your own body fat as fuel. Coaching you through this is very helpful with tips to manage changes in your body.


After 30 Days Overview

It takes 4 – 6 weeks for your body to become more efficient at burning fat as your main fuel if you are eating a well-balanced ketogenic diet. Personal coaching helps you continue towards your specific goals and gives you the information and support to make different choices.


First</br> 30 Days

30 Days

Phase I: Transition into your new lifestyle.

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After</br> 30 Days

30 Days

Phase II: Foundation for long term benefits.

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