Cari Kamp will help you move towards your specific goals
Cari is like a breath of fresh air! She is a true beauty from the inside out.  I met her in a group setting and right away I wanted to know more about her, what made her skin glow and her energy so vibrant?  I soon found out that Cari and I are both in our mid 50’s. With that knowledge my questions flowed as to what in the world she does to personify healthiness and energy.  As I fought to stay awake at our evening meeting while trying to suck in the belly fat that was gracing the top of my pants waistband, Cari shared with me her experience with a healthy Keto lifestyle and a few of its many benefits.  I learned of her website www.kamptidbits.com and what her caring coaching offers, and I didn’t ask twice.  I signed up and it was as if I immediately had someone who was not only completely knowledgeable but someone who was organized, and who shared how to be truly healthy through emails and calls. Yes, I have lost most of my belly fat…I’m still new at this, and have a bit to go, but this is a lifestyle not a diet so it may take a while. The best part is Cari is there to inspire me and answer my questions along this life changing journey.  My favorite part of the month-long coaching was our grocery store field trip.  We looked at food labels and learned to see what I was truly eating!  I truly had no idea how many foods contain sugar.  Contact Cari today to help you on this journey, it is a life changing investment in you! 

Client: SE

The results that my wife and I have seen under Cari’s guidance have been nothing short of amazing. Without her help we undoubtedly would not have gotten over the hump in the initial days of starting our new keto lifestyle. She has given us the knowledge change our lifestyle and we are living and feeling entirely better than before.

Client: ED & SD

Eating right is SO CONFUSING! Cari took the mystery out of eating in a sustainable, healthy way by customizing an eating program that suited me and my lifestyle. She coached me on the supplements needed, healthy ingredients and gave me delicious recipes to follow. As a result, I was able to get off medication, I lost fifteen pounds (my doctor took notice and asked what happened that I was down 15 pounds in six months!) and I feel healthier than I ever have before. I don’t know what I would have done without Coach Cari clearing up my confusion about eating.

Client: DB

For many years I thought I ate healthy however my lab work showed different results. It was frustrating and baffling to me. I was referred to Cari Kamp’s coaching program to search out other possibilities regarding what was causing the inflammation in my body. By following Cari’s step by step 30-day program, changing my food choices and habits my body started healing! No more thyroid medication or a pre-diabetic diagnosis. Game changer!

Client: CM

I have been following Cari Kamp’s healthy-keto style plan for a year now and at 58 years old feel better than I have in over 20 years. I am super fit, have higher energy levels and actually weigh the same as when I graduated high school (with only 3 x 20-minute workouts per week). The secret is Cari’s high protein, healthy fats, no sugar, and low carb program. Her step-by-step coaching program makes it easy. Five Star rating!

Client: BJ