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    What is Keto Coaching?

    Keto, it’s not just about weight loss. A ketogenic diet and lifestyle are focused on nutrient dense whole foods, healthy fats and limiting inflammatory carbohydrates and sugar. Nutritional ketosis has been shown to improve most areas of health, reduce weight and give relief from a variety of health conditions from autoimmune disease and inflammation to migraines, diabetes, and cancer. It may also help you feel more energetic and youthful since ketogenesis is about balancing the body’s hormones naturally. Cari Kamp is a certified health and wellness coach, and she will help you with a well formulated and balanced meat and low carb vegetable diet to fit your specific needs for improved health. She will also educate you on common “keto myths “and on the unhealthy keto mistakes to avoid as well. The benefit of Cari’s coaching is that you do not buy pre-made foods from her, which can be very costly. Cari will teach you how to make this lifestyle an affordable one. She wants to teach you how to make and eat delicious food and to make this a lifestyle, not a diet. There will be a new awareness to what you are eating and how it makes you feel. Cari asks herself before she eats something “Is it worth it and how I will for feel for the next few days?” Choose wellness at the end of your fork!

    Who Is Keto Coaching For?

    Personalized one on one coaching is for individuals seeking improved results in their health, want to feel better and are motivated to learn about and apply healthy choices. Many people are tired of being overweight, dealing with chronic autoimmune and inflammatory disorders as well as many other issues, and are wanting to feel better without adding additional medications. Other people are looking for more energy, to increase their physical performance and feel more youthful. Cari coaches with encouragement to each person with their unique health issues and goals in mind. She walks you through each phase and teaches you how to make this a lifestyle. This is not about depriving yourself; it is about focusing on all the wonderful food you can eat and how choosing different food can reduce inflammation and make your body feel better.

    About Me

    Cari Kamp started coaching on health and wellness in 2011 and saw improvement to her own health after making changes to her diet. She has given many different types of wellness presentations over the years and participated in cooking shows which demonstrated the ease and benefits of this lifestyle. Cari’s health was challenged with insulin resistance and low thyroid, and she wanted to find a solution without taking pharmaceuticals. She was introduced to a ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting...


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