A Different View Of Sugar

Growing up, my view of sugar, was all about love.  My grandmother made chocolate chip cookies every morning. She said never knew who might stop by during the day and wanted fresh cookies to share. My mom was an incredible baker, and we always had some cookie, cake, or sweet treat in our lunches for school and when we got home. Both my grandmother and mom became diabetics in their later years. My mom also developed dementia, which is now called Type 3 Diabetes, since it is diabetes of the brain. Who knew that sugar was the underlying theme for this soon to be epidemic in adults and children all over the world?

As an adult, my view has shifted due to a diagnosis years ago with the label as a pre-diabetic. I started researching sugar and what breaks down into sugar for my own health, and it was a big eye opener. Even the food I thought was healthy was breaking down into the same components as sugar. By eliminating these foods, I am no longer pre-diabetic and have avoided the downward spiral of a diabetic diagnosis and the medications that go along with it.

Sugar and processed high carbohydrate foods are highly addictive and nutrient poor.  Carbohydrates and sugar are also non-essential. This means our bodies do not need any carbohydrates or sugar to function however healthy fats and complete proteins are critical for a healthy body and brain. By eating healthy fats and nutrient dense whole proteins this will minimize unhealthy food cravings and reduce sugar consumption.

Obesity is also at a record number around the world in adults and children. Processed foods are getting cheaper, and sugar is being added to food items specifically to create addiction. There are over 60 different names of sugar that are added to our foods. Boxes and bags of processed foods are being marketed as “natural”, “healthy” and “organic” and the population is being duped into thinking they are making healthy choices.

Learning about what is in your food is so very important and critical to your health as well as your entire family. In my private 30-day coaching program I teach you what to look for in your food. What to eliminate in your pantry, refrigerator, and your snacks. Eating on the go or in restaurants? Not a problem, once again I teach you how to navigate a new lifestyle that is no longer full of inflammatory foods that may be causing imbalances in your body.

Also included in the 30-day private coaching program, I evaluate your macronutrients specifically for you and your goals. Macronutrients are your personal daily intake for calories, protein, fat, and total carbohydrates. Finding the challenges & unknown common mistakes that are stopping you from reaching your goal is what my coaching program is all about.

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