A “Foodie” Now Keto

As I started my journey with a Ketogenic lifestyle, my biggest concern was “What can I even eat? Can I even go out to a restaurant anymore?”  I was distressed to say the least. Complex and flavorful food and experiencing unique and creative cuisine in restaurants and in my kitchen was one of my favorite past times.

In my past l, I went out to eat 4 to 5 times a week and it was an appetizer, dinner, with an occasional bite of dessert. I was not obese however my body was inflamed, and I was on the verge of being diabetic.  Diabetes is in my family and there was NO way I was going down that road with insulin the rest of my life and the side effects of that on my body and brain. I really enjoy exquisite food and combinations. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just must be unique and flavorful. Where in the world was I going to find this type of food on a keto diet?

I was focused all on the things I needed to eliminate to change my health however I had not been introduced to all the incredible recipes and combinations of foods that were an option for me.  I still could have sweets, pizza, lasagna, truly anything I wanted to eat but I had to make them differently. Still flavorful and delicious with a new twist. New recipes to try, new sweeteners and protein powders to use.  I looked at this change as a food adventure in my kitchen instead of being deprived of my favorite foods. Even if you don’t cook there so many options that are still delicious.

I enjoy eating delicious food and do not feel deprived at all eating a ketogenic diet whatsoever. My body feels good after I eat, and I no longer have the crash of energy or the cravings a few hours later. Yes, it is a process. Like any habit, it does not change overnight. It is small little changes of habits that make this into a lifestyle.

There is a big difference between eating healthy and eating right for your body.  I thought I was eating healthy and super clean, however I was still pre-diabetic and on medication for thyroid.  That was the evidence I was not eating right for my body. Since being on a ketogenic diet along with proper supplements I am happy to say I am no longer pre-diabetic or on medications for my thyroid.  Learning to eliminate inflammatory foods and being disciplined to follow a healthy ketogenic diet guideline truly changed my life and my health.

I have to say Maria Emmerich was the person that made me see a ketogenic lifestyle differently. I have all her cookbooks and she has taught me that anything is possible. I call her recipes “Keto Around The World” since it is flavors from everywhere you could imagine.

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