Food Clues

You are at the grocery store looking for healthy choices to bring home.  You see on the packages “Natural”, “Keto”, “Low Fat”, “No Added Sugar” however when you read the ingredients you have no CLUE what the ingredients are. If you wanted to make the product at home, you couldn’t even buy the ingredients at the grocery store! Now that is a FOOD CLUE for you!

What hidden ingredients are in your food that may be making your body sick or stalling your weight loss goals?  Did you know there are over 60 different names of sugar?  Sugar is extremely inflammatory for the body and brain as well as highly addictive.  Sugar is not just sweet sugar and treats; it is high carbohydrates that break down in the body to sugar as well.

Do you know not all fats are healthy fats? Canola oil and vegetable oil, to name a few, are as inflammatory to the brain as eating sugar or smoking daily. There are eight different oils to eliminate from your diet however unfortunately many of them are the main ingredients in salad dressing, sauces and mayonnaise.

One of my favorite parts of private coaching clients is helping them learn to find hidden sugar, gluten, and inflammatory oils in our foods.  Learning to make supportive choices that help you feel better, have more energy and a clearer mind are just a few benefits of a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. My philosophy is healthy meats, low carbohydrate vegetables and a moderate amount of healthy fats. A healthy keto diet is NOT about large amounts of fats that make you more sick and inflamed. That is called Dirty Keto which I do not support.

With my 30-day private coaching program, I evaluate your macronutrients specifically for you and your goals. Macronutrients are your personal daily intake for calories, protein, fat, and total carbohydrates. Finding the challenges & unknown common mistakes that are stopping you from reaching your goal is what my coaching program is all about.

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