What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

Ketosis is a state in the body NOT a food. A ketogenic diet is a lifestyle that focuses on whole and non-inflammatory foods so your body will be fueled on ketones and body fat not on sugar and carbs.  On a nutritional and well-balanced ketogenic diet, you are burning body fat for fuel. Your body can not differentiate between the dietary fat you eat and the fat that is stored in your body.  By focusing on eating whole and nutrient dense foods like lean meats, low fat consumption and low carbohydrate vegetables your body will start burning your stored body fat for fuel.

There are a lot of hidden items that will stall your weight loss goals. It is the analogy of garbage in and garbage out. If you are eating sugar, high processed and high carbohydrate foods with bad fat you will not feel good and may affect sleep, concentration, moods, and many other severe health conditions.

With my 30-day private coaching program, I evaluate your macronutrients specifically for you and your goals. Macronutrients are your personal daily intake for calories, protein, healthy fats, and total carbohydrates. Finding the challenges & unknown common mistakes that are stopping you from reaching your goal is what my coaching program is all about.

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